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WebBox Features and Benefits  
Your WebBox can store a variety of information. Different types of information are stored in sections of your WebBox. Each section is described below with a quick list of features. Sign up Now to begin using WebBox.

Consolidate up to five email accounts in one convenient place. WebBox was designed from the ground up to handle multiple email accounts and to help you stay organized.
  • Zero Wait Technology allows you to access the information in your WebBox while your email accounts are being checked. No more waiting for large attachments to download!
  • Control what folder messages from each email account are delivered to
  • Filters to help you sort email efficiently
  • Send email using any of your accounts for the return address. WebBox will automatically select the appropriate address when replying or forwarding.
  • Spell Checker with custom dictionary
  • Blind Carbon Copy
  • Return Receipt
  • Separate Signature for each email account
  • Full integration with the Bookmarks, Files, and People sections of your WebBox. Easily add addresses, web site addresses and files you receive in email to your WebBox.
  • Attachment sending and receiving

Store up to 20 megabytes of documents, pictures, music and more! WebBox helps you manage both incoming and outgoing email attachments and lets you send the same file again and again without having to upload it multiple times. You can even mark files as public to share them with friends and associates.

  • Manage your email attachments independently from the messages they came in. You can even delete a message while still keeping the attachment that came with it
  • Upload a file once, and send it again and again
  • Easily forward large attachments with no waiting
  • Mark Files as Public for display on your Public WebBox page
  • Receive 20 megabytes of File storage space
  • Use Folders to organize your files

Keep track of all of your friends, family, and associates in the People Section. Maintain address, phone numbers, companies, email address, and notes for all of your contacts.
  • Easily send email to anyone in your People section. Just select the people you want and click Email
  • Add contact information found in Electronic Business Cards (V-cards) attached to incoming email
  • Quickly add email addresses to your People section while reading or composing email
  • Maintain your own contact information for each email address you have configured

WebBox allows you to store and share your favorite web site addresses in your Bookmarks section. You can even be notified when a page you have bookmarked has been updated.

  • Use our special browser integration to add bookmarks to your WebBox while you surf
  • Set up multiple folders to organize your bookmarks
  • Access your bookmarks from any web browser, anywhere
  • Set up web page monitoring and be notified when a web page you have bookmarked changes
  • Easily send bookmarks via email to other people
  • Mark bookmarks as Public to have them displayed on your Public WebBox page automatically
  • Add web page addresses contained in email to your WebBox in seconds
  • WebBox will automatically fill in the title of web pages you add manually

Maintain and publish your schedule online. Be reminded of important meetings via email or ICQ.
  • Set reminder lead times on an event-by-event basis
  • Selectively publish certain events on your Public WebBox page
  • Choose a Daily or Monthly view of your Calendar
  • Categorize events by type: Anniversaries, Birthdays, Meetings, etc

Control the look and feel of WebBox, and change your personal information easily in one location.
  • Configure default folder destinations for your different email accounts
  • Set up multiple email addresses to be checked in your WebBox
  • Define message filters
  • Set the number of items per page
  • Control how you move through your email
  • Get all of your information adjusted to your local time by entering your time zone
  • Opt-In for information and special services to receive an additional 10 MB of File storage space

The consolidated search features of WebBox lets you find the information you need fast.

  • View results for each section of your WebBox
  • Search for external web pages right from your WebBox

Tool Box
The WebBox Tool Box is your information companion. Offering important information packed into a small space, the Tool Box is a great way to have access to your WebBox while doing other things.

  • View phone numbers from your People Section
  • Be informed when new email messages arrive.
  • See your appointments for today, or any day, at a glance
  • One click access to your WebBox
  • Get quick access to all the files stored in your WebBox

Public Page
Your WebBox Public Page is an easy way to share information with others. Mark items as public and distribute your public page address to quickly let people have access to selected information in your WebBox.

  • Share pictures, presentations, music and other files without making a web page oruploading them to a web server
  • Publish meetings, speaking engagements and important events (like your birthday) from your calendar
  • Build an information resource by marking your bookmarks for public display

Section Integration
WebBox was designed to make it easy to use the information you have stored.

  • Send files and bookmarks as attachments to email
  • Handle your incoming and outgoing attachments through your email or files section
  • Select multiple contacts from your People section and easily send email to them
  • Use the consistent WebBox interface to manage all your information
  • Add hyperlinks contained in email directly to your WebBox Bookmarks section
  • Receive and send Electronic Business Cards (V-cards) through email
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